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Part 2: Levels of Dental Care


Preventive dental care consists of the routine maintenance that is recommended for everyone. The services included in preventive care are:

1. Dental Cleanings
2. Deep Dental Cleanings
3. Dental Exams
4. Oral Evaluations

Routine preventive care should be performed every 6 months. Though the procedures are small, the consequences of procrastination can be big. Preventive dental care is the easiest way to avoid having major dental problems in the future. By fixing developing dental problems early you can avoid enormous bills and tremendous pain down the road.


Basic dental care involves minor dental procedures and dental restoration. These procedures include but are not limited to:

1. Fillings
2. Simple Extractions
3. Sealants
4. Fluoride
5. Bite Adjustments
6. Denture Adjustments
7. Denture Repair
8. Palliative Treatment
9. Restorative Amalgams
10. Restorative Composites

Any basic dental procedures should be performed as soon as possible. Neglecting these minor treatments can result in serious dental problems over time.


Major dental care involves major dental procedures and dental restoration. These procedures include but are not limited to:

1. Root Canals
2. Crowns
3. Partials
4. Bridges
5. Complex Extractions
6. Oral Surgery
7. Implants
8. Endodontic Care
9. Anesthesia

Major dental procedures can be very expensive, painful, and can take multiple visits to complete. It is important to note that not all Dental Plans provide coverage for major dental care. When shopping for a dental plan it is best to have a plan that covers all three levels of care. These plans are known as “full coverage dental insurance plans.” Contact us if you need help finding the best plan.

Part 2: Plan Levels   


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